offers free download and free maps for your GPS.


Maps available for download are compatible with most GPS on the market such as GPS Garmin, Navigon, Mio, TomTom etc ...

Auto GPS Map

GPS navigator are now available to all and can be downloaded for free from the internet. Take the road with confidence thanks to the maps you can download, plus they are compatible with most GPS of the current market. Download free GPS map legally

Maps for gps for your trip or vacation can be downloaded directly from your computer. An effective solution without connection, it will guide you along your way. For your car, your bike or your Smartphone application, simply download the free maps on the site thanks to the Open Source project. In addition, the gps update is done regularly, without you contributing to meet your expectations. You will find more easily free maps for your GPS, besides your hike and your path participate in the update of the cartography. Whether you have a Garmin GPS, a Mappy, a Tomtom Start or other, you can have the map of France or the world. If you are looking for a gps card, you're fine. This site has several free gps maps, just download the map that suits your needs.

Different free maps for your GPS

You go on a trip, the free country-specific GPS map is the alternative you need. Whether for a country in Europe, Asia, America or others, be reassured, you can get the map, in addition, it is regularly updated GPS without you spending a fortune. This site also offers various cards classified according to the car model such a map for the Peugeot, Citroën, Toyota and other brands. In addition, to follow the news, the site allows you to freely download nautical charts compatible with several types of navigators to facilitate your navigation at sea. The maps are adapted to all GPS applications for your smartphone or PSP. Finally, for hikers, there is a range of gps maps for this sport. In short, discover all the maps for gps on the site and download freely the maps of your choice.

When you travel on unknown lands, it is common not to find its way for lack of landmarks. However, there is an effective way to guide you without calling for help. GPS is a satellite system that allows you to find your position whether you are on foot or by car. offers you the opportunity to download free and especially legally maps for GPS. The various cards available are compatible with most of the GPS on the market including GPS applications for smartphones. These maps show bike paths, highways and hiking and horseback riding routes. If you do not have a GPS, you will find on the site a comparative table to guide you in your choice.